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Chiropractic treatment is a health care discipline that places an emphasis on correction and maintenance of spinal alignment to facilitate proper function of the nervous system permitting the body to do what it does best: Heal itself.

Chiropractic treatment as we know it today began in Davenport Iowa in the late 1800’s. It was started by a man name Daniel David Palmer, a self taught healer who believed the body had an innate ability to heal itself. His belief was that misalignment in the spine would hamper the operation of the nervous system and impede it’s ability to heal itself when neural pathways did not properly send and receive impulses.

Chiropractic treatment involves what is called making “adjustments” to the spine where it’s proper natural movement is less than optimal. When the joints in the spine can move freely, the supporting muscles can work better to keep the spine properly aligned while the body moves.

Poor alignment can lead to “subluxations”, or a condition where one or more vertebra have shifted out of alignment with the rest of the spine and can pinch the nerves that pass through narrow openings between them. There can be many causes of subluxations. Painful conditions in other body parts can be the result of problems with spinal alignment since the nerve branches are rooted at the spine.

Is chiropractic care considered safe?

Chiropractic is a very safe and effective in large part due to the fact that there are minimal side effects because no medications are used and no irreversible surgeries are performed. A chiropractic adjustment is one of the most conservative, least invasive, and safest of procedures within the health care professions.

Today so many people are seeking improved health but do not know where to turn. Perhaps you or your relatives or friends who are suffering needlessly from pain or an illness that would respond readily and permanently to chiropractic treatment, if they only knew about this natural way to health. Chiropractic has been proven beneficial in areas where other methods have failed. Why not share the knowledge with others. Be a good Samaritan; let them know how your health, and your life, have been improved because of your experience with this natural, safe form of healing. Suggest a visit to our Baltimore Chiropractor office for a preliminary examination to determine if theirs is, or is not, a chiropractic condition.

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